You’re about to enter The Shadows.

The Shadows is a consortium of Leather Houses dedicated to the Master/slave orientation of Total Power Exchange based relationships. Our mission is to educate and empower the Kink Community, locally and nationally, on the validity and potential of living , 24/7, within these types of relationships. We believe that these TPE relationships are fulfilling, and when administered with consistency and wisdom, can equal or even surpass the levels of joy we experience in more socially acceptable relationship dynamics.


The opinions and concepts expressed within this site, represent the values and mission statement of The Shadows and the Masters and slaves that serve within this House. They do not represent all relationship types, nor do we purport that our way is the best or only way to live the Master/slave TPE dynamic. Your mileage will vary.

Efforts have been made to avoid addressing or displaying material on this site that would be considered pornographic in nature. With that being said, many of the pictures or concepts described and embraced by The Shadows may be radical and confrontational. That works for us.  If the idea of controlling someone right down to their very thoughts and behavior makes your skin crawl, please move along. But if the concept makes you creamy or effects you like an overdose of erectile dysfunction medication, you need to favorite, bookmark, contribute to, and share this site.


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